Quidan Pag-inupdanay Mutual Benefit Association
"Sa MBA Nakaseguro ka kag ang imo Pamilya"
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Quidan Pag-Inupdanay MBA is an association whose membership is comprised mainly of the poor women of the province of Negros Occidental. They are the beneficiaries of the micro finance program of Pag-Inupdanay Incorporated (PI) - a province based MFI and other local based non-government organization.
STATUS as of March 2020
2020 2019
Members 31,923 31,903
Number of Insured 127,692 127,612
Refund of Contribution
LIFE 110,641.22 1,069,581.35
RSF 62,493.45 558,961.31
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Table of Life Insurance Benefits
Length of Continous Membership Cause or Total Permanent Disability Member Legal Dependents
less than 6 months Natural Death 2,500 none
Accident 10,000 5,000
6 Months less than 12 months Natural Death 5,000 1,000
Accident 10,000 5,000
12 months less than 24 months Natural Death 15,000 5,000
Accident 30,000 10,000
24 months or more Natural Death 50,000 10,000
Accident 100,000 20,000
Products and Services
Life Insurance

The life insurance of QPI-MBA is affordable that it only costs 20php/week to contribute. Click here to view more details.

Retirement Savings Fund

QPI only offers 5.00php/week that can be availed at the age of 65. Click here for more details about this service.

Loans Insurance

Give full loan protection to member-borrowers.Click here to view more details.

Rider Benefits

QPI MBA is also offering services which are related to motorcycle accidents. He is an accident victim.

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